happiness under your feet


In my hometown Trondheim there´s one kite-store in the center. If you want to take a course or you´re curious about what products they carry, check out the webpage.

They carry both brands on top of my list when it comes to boards; Nobile & Crazyfly.
Also they have snowkiteboards -if you´re kiting with a regular snowboard, try a snowkiteboard, makes such a difference!

Kristin Boese, the biggest inspirator I´ve met in kiting and a former world champion (no less than 9 times). A few times I´ve gotten the question about who´s my kite idol: first and foremost I say “the ones who are learning who come out of the water with sparkle in their eyes and big smiles on their faces, that is really the greatest thing I see”. Kristin is one of those who still has the sparkle in her eyes after being in the game for so long, and she is spreading this positive energy to others, especially girls. Check out the kb4-webpage, and I hope some of her spirit will catch you as well!

In Gokova Bay on the west coast of Turkey I met Mark & Sarah from the UK. Later I´ve also run into them in Vietnam, a superfriendly couple addicted to this sport. For a kite vacation with inspiring input, check out their webpage.

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