happiness under your feet


Promoting products you absolutely love is easy -and that´s why I contacted Nobile!
First time I went board testing I spent a day in great conditions, then I waited until the wind was unstable and strong (as many boards are ok in perfect conditions). The Nobile board excelled in chop; pop & landing tricks got easier. My biggest kite was a 10m until I tried Nobile, I used to get annoyed by big kites being slow -now even the 14m 50 Fifty kite is fast. Nobile also has a blog page where you can find a few of travel stories from competitions

Oysteins – Follow your dreams
Øystein is such an inspiring and humble guy, after meeting him I felt this is a guy who does something about the things he envisions. In addition to clothing, Øystein is a waterski jumper, runs the water activity park at Skarnes and works to run activities for young people in his home place(for the record; I get awesome clothing now & then, money I´d rather see go into Oysteins vision of making a dreamfund young people can apply for)

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