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KTA Vietnam Competition Day – 170212

One day of wind, effective organizing with Freestyle, Oldschool & Big Air completed -it´s been a busy day! I competed in freestyle only as I´ve been flat out sick here and at Big Air-time I was sleeping on a bean bag… Came 2nd in Freestyle and very happy with that!

9am skippers meeting; nr 1 oldschool Astrid Berz & nr 1 freestyle Nanette van der Snoek

Russian/Boracays Dina Muldasheva & Australian/Boracays Ali Dudfield who made 3rd in freestyle

Sky really did not look too promising when arriving at the beach, but if we turned around to look behind us, storm clouds made it windy the whole day:

Judge Mars Gersbach & Organizer Willy Kerr eagerly on the lookout for wind in the morning

Freestyle finals over: 4th Su Kay, 3rd Ali Dudfield, 1st Nanette van der Snoek, 2nd Me

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