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Any day can be a good day – 230612

Mona dreaming of warmer winds, me so eager put on my wetsuit the wrong way at Brusand

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“Until next time” at spot 3rd avenue – 130612

Thanks to Andrea T. Bass for riding photos

California is over this time around, wind every day for 16 days. Spent the last hours on the water next to the airport at 3rd avenue, Tanja came out for the goodbye session!

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KB4girls-group at Dillon Beach – 090612

Kristin Boese started KB4girls to unite female kiters around the world: Thanks to her I´ve met so many tough girls pushing it around the world!

Sandy Parker packing up: for lessons in the Bay Area check out her school

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Kite Racing, spot Chrissy Fields – 070612

In San Francisco they have it all set-up for races; every Thursday in summer there are races, and this Thursday I watched with friends from the yacht club. Chrissy Field is an amazing spot with the San Francisco skyline (for freestyle tricks it´s far from ideal).

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Yey, visit from Norway! – 060612

Last week a friend of mine was in Dallas for work and after he took a week of vacation to explore the Bay Area with me. This week is a mix of kiting, guiding & sightseeing, shopping, great food!

Admiring the Bay, skyline and Chrissy Fields, the kite spot in San Francisco:

At the Norwegian Seamans Church, one of the must-visit places for Norwegians in SF:

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Road to heaven, kitespot Sherman Island – 050612

…driving Antioch Bridge, butterflies in my stomach…

Back in 2004 studying at Berkeley, this place stuck at the back of my head. Something about windmills, California sunshine and the highlight: chill people enjoying the wind. One of my favorite videos is this one (no clue who they are).

Just another day at Sherman; skateboarding “uphill” on a trainer kite

Looking small sitting at an American campsite table

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