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Finally back, California love – 300512

Fog City San Francisco, driving Golden Gate up to Live2Kite:

During uni I spent 1 1/2 years in Berkeley & San Francisco -if you haven´t been here, put it on your bucket list! Amazing place; the city, nature, culture, food, friendly people, wind – for kiting Bay Area is one of the best destinations I know, an array of different spots. Cool thing is; Tanja whom I met playing handball in 2003 now also is a kite-addict!
Always prepared, gear drying while in the office :)

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Norwegian Kiters Weekend in Denmark – 260512

70-80 Norwegian kiters gathered for a super weekend of barbequing and playing volleyball in the sun, unfortunately the wind didn´t really hit. Seems the Norwegian kite community is growing fast!

Roomies Mona & Andre + Tone, Stian & Hallgrim whom I got to know in Boracay this winter

Valuable items gets a security belt

Mona prepared us for Denmark; “Guide to understanding the Danes” & “Fun car games”

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Missing out, but present at KTA China – 200512

Thanks to Chris Mohn & Liezl Tio for sending me this photo from KTA China!

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Such a great team – 130512

One week at Rhodes, lots of memories of fun & kite-loving people, hard to pick the highlights of the trip! Definitely one was Maciek from the Nobile-office; after a session he was so thrilled it was windy long enough he could kite too. Quite cool having the boss riding with us -the love for kiting was apparent in everyone.

As a kiter you spot leaves moving from the wind wherever you are -team rider Mike Blomvall saw opportunities for parkour everywhere around Rhodes town!

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Nobile team @ Rhodes – 100512

Finally meeting the Nobile crew & team, a week sharing the passion for kiting is inspiring. Best part; when not on the water there´s a lot of laughter, smiles and spontaneousity. Windy every day and early in season we get the water almost to ourselves:

Mike & Jose entertaining themselves at the end of the day

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Water season Kickoff competition – 050512

Super day on the beach with 60-70 kiters coming to compete or watch -Thanks for organizing to Kitebrothers & Stavanger Kiteklubb!

Mona dressed for Norwegian beach life

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Sele Beach with wave kiter Kari – 020512

There´s a kite girl much more dedicated than me here in Stavanger, Kari Schibevaag, an energetic, always smiling girl who´s also a world champion in wave kiting. Usually we prefer different spots as she hunts the big waves, but today we had a great session at Sele Beach

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