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Boracay reunion in Oslo – 290412

Several Norwegian kiters escaped winter on Boracay (Philippines), great weekend catching up -weird seeing them in jeans instead of shorts!

Seasonal migrants prefer a bit more clothes upon returning:

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Beach life impatience – 190412

May sound weird to get tired of turquoise water, sun, wind, laid-back people and good food. You might start dreaming of work after a while… Back in charming Stavanger:

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Return to Norways windy city, Stavanger – 150412

Driving in Norway is scenery after scenery… after 9 months in Stavanger last year I´m moving to settle for longer, car packed down to the millimetre.

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Haugastøl: Red Bull Ragnarok – 140412

Swedish Malin Rapp won both the race and in Rems Invitational
More than 300 people hooked on nature enjoying a social stay with delicious gourmet food. Waking up to this view for almost a week and a huge plateau for snowkiting within easy reach.

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Crazy Red Bull Ragnarok Kick-off – 120412

Very low wind and sunshine, people were hanging in the parking lot at noon. Marek Zach was on top of the mountain preparing to jump off -he just needed enough wind to get the kite in the air! Wind direction was coming from behind the mountain so we thought “no way…”. This is the wildest thing I have ever seen, my jaw dropped and I just stood there laughing in disbelief for minutes. Until I learned he´s the father of a little baby. Then I kind of wanted to… cry.

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“Rems Invitational” – 110412

Remi Meum, one of the best snowkiters in the world, got inspired by freeskier Jon Olsson who hosts a freeskiing film contest in Sweden. Now the kiteworld has a snowkite film contest.

4 days of filming, then the riders of Red Bull Ragnarok vote for the best one. Really looking forward to see what they have been up to the last days!

Got in the car at 615am this morning… wanted to get an afternoon session. Beautiful drive on the way down, 8 hours in the car with this scenery went by fast:

Whiteout! Aim between the sticks, that´s the road… then arrived to this view at the hotel :)

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Easter action – 100412

Haven´t snowkited since March 2010, it superseded my expectations, and I had trouble getting to sleep last night after first unhooked tricks on snow :)

Taking photos with a cell phone while snowkiting was a first…

Great Easter with family, friends & snow! Almost empty slopes last week skiing:

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“Snowkiteboards” vs Snowboards – 040412

Snowboards tailored for snowkiting lets you edge back without the board turning upwind right away. The sidecut radius (“turning radius”) is much higher compared to regular snowboards.

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