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Asian pancakes – 251211

Me cooking Christmas Day breakfast pancakes

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Accustomed to thrills – 241211

“You’re about to jump out a perfectly good airplane Jonny. How do you feel about that?”
Point Break

First time, fearful beyond belief. Over time, experiencing extreme rush has adaptation as it´s worst enemy. Figuring out how overpowered is just too much for kiteloops…

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New Nobile shop on Boracay – 211211

“Santas helper” here on Boracay for me is Glen Parsons, a British witty, helpful guy who´s the Nobile distributor in the Philippines. Now he just build a new, nice shop behind his kite center Ocean Republic, from what I hear they´re selling Fifty50-boards faster than they can provide at the moment :-) (no wonder, they´re great!).

If you´re coming:
sell your old board at home and get the 2012 here!

and if you´re not planning to visit Boracay, you should… :)

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Last day of Tom Court Camp – 191211

Muscles are sore and skin is burned almost to blisters… worth it though! Great chillout evenings, meeting new people, and working harder on new tricks. This guy knows how to use equipment: rock-jump-transition :) (photographer: Alexandru Baranescu)

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Home is where the heart is – 01.12.11

Once again packing & moving, one year in Stavanger passed so quickly!
No matter if I move or come back: feeling home happens when being with people I love.

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