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Swimmingpool rail jam with Oysteins – 221011

Øystein is the guy who pulls of these events always smiling and greeting everyone! Part life/part work promoting through hosting cool events -I´m sure there are more effective ways to make profit –but profit does not equal happiness. Check the video from the event.

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Embracing change – 261011

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes (Hugh Prather)

Decided I´d visit Paris when I´m old and life is less active (“saving dreams for later”). Walking the streets of Paris last night I realized new dreams grow as you start going for them.

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Gold at the end of the rainbow – 10.10.11

The rain flushed down hard for a short while today and a distinct rainbow started & ended at the kiteboard! So beautiful, never seen anything like it -there was Gold at the end of the rainbow!

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