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The social side of kiting – 29.06.11

My Mum once said kiting can´t be very social since we can´t talk on the water -that was before she got knowledge of wind forecasts and seeing me coming home after spending a kite weekend with friends without kiting because of no wind.

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Opening Day Kite Tour Europe – 28.06.11

Summer vacation in Northern-Germany, I love the kite events for the vibe, so many people who do what they really love. This morning we kicked it off with the flag ceremony, had the flag all to myself as I was the only Norwegian (no Swedish either)…

Going to sleep here on Sylt next to a super neighbor; Kathrin! She spends her winters on Boracay like me, and here we have the nicest suites, Opel;

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Vanilla Sky – 27.06.11

“What is any life if not the pursuit of a dream?” (from the movie Vanilla Sky)
Woke up to the sound of waves breaking in the morning. The hours on the road through Denmark I thought about all the great people I know on my way to KTE in Germany.

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Daily Life – 26.06.11

Visiting Stavanger last year I said: “There are beaches like this in Norway! I´m moving here!”. Lunch in-between-sessions between the sanddunes:

From another great day, at Refsnes;

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