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Nextopia – 23.04.11

A colleague asked if quitting my job without a new one in sight changed me. My immediate response was; “I use my eyes more”. One thing I have in store for the future though, reading the book Nextopia by Micael Dahlén

6am on Seco Island, slept out here on a sandbank on top of a reef

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Middle East Easter – 22.04.11

Aqaba, Jordan, why not?
Wind & the Red Sea with flights being cheaper than going home to Trondheim.

The spot; Tala Bay, had the water all to myself, weird feeling!

Diving or snorkeling the Red Sea and want to avoid the hustle of Egypt, head to Aqaba before the rest of the world finds it!
Take a look at these beautiful photos: www.diveaqaba.com

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“Time squeeze” / Tidsklemma – 11.04.11

It´s not something you get or have.
It´s something you create.

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Settling in – 07.04.11

Seems many have a slight obsession with settling down, as if this is some infinite point where you find peace. Choosing kind of an unpredictable lifestyle for now “who says you have to?”
New town, new job, new friends (and some good old ones!), new surroundings – New roomies Audun & Marit!

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Red Bull Ragnarok 2011 – 02.04.11

One of the biggest snowkite races in the world up at Hardangervidda.

My teletubbie friends:

What an amazing sight with all the kites in the air – registration limit was 200 participants.

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