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3rd overall KTA 2011 – 12.03.11

Very pleased with making it to the podium 3rd overall this season, already excited for what the KTA crew is up to now! If you´d like to see some of the fun from this KTA Season; Kiteboard Tour Asia on vimeo.com

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KTA Party night – 11.03.11

Trying to show an angry-face late at night after ending 5th in freestyle; however the KTA photographer is too charming and the events are fun, no can do

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Wind kicked in, KTA kick-off – 09.03.11

KTA Boracay is top notch this year: competition & KB4girls is on, forecast looks super. Events would not be the same without Willys charm or Neils great humor!

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KTA & KB4Girls joining forces – 08.03.11

Super day with 27 girls attending, I believe we all learned some tips to improve our riding -myself attending as a coach included. Kristins attitude promoting a love for the sport made each and every one of us more eager to ride!

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