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Norwegian summer winds – 070713

July started great – beyond expectations, 4th of July at Krossafluna:


DSC_0055 Helle playing on the surfboard.
6th of July


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Sunset camping – 250513

All day kiting, sunset bbq, sleeping bag under the open sky… we all have apartments in the city, but rather spend weekends outdoors. Saturday evening we spent on Bore Beach: DSC_0796

Ida & Anne Sofie finishing the evening session

Helle, Hanna & Ida with breakfast & coffee behind the dunes:

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Stavanger Kiteklubb – 070513

A few dedicated kiters has been on the board for many years and decided it was time to retire. My true inspiration is other stoked kiters, and as the new leader of the club I hope to inspire others! Soon we´ll start planning some fun things for the coming year – this evening “Club night” at Gnu Bar for a sneak peak at our new web page

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Latest issue of IKSurfmag – 080413

Big Thanks to Su Kay, a dedicated kitefriend who just alerted me to the latest issue of IKSURFMAG -from a great week with Nobile down on Prasonisi (Rhodes) last year :)Picture 1

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Strapless waveboard jibing – 010113

Broke the code!
After testing gear with the Nobile team last year last May I decided to try wave kiting. The first session I made one jibe in 3 1/2 hours -meaning I fell down all the other times. Day after it worked!
Picture 2
Wave boards always seemed frail to me and I hate when things break. Nobile Infinity has a wooden core and side walls; sceptisism towards wave boards turned into passion.

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Warm winds Christmas in El Medano – 301212

5 minutes from the airport is the main kitespot on Tenerife, windy every day – no better way to spend Christmas!
Our local hangout Flashpoint cafe; charming place with the nicest paintings:

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Lagoon kiting behind the dunes – 181112

Big trouble falling asleep after the best session possible on Sola: an acre filled with water formed a knee-deep flat water lagoon.

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Kiting outside Oil city – 250912

Doesn´t get more Norwegian than a blonde girl kiting on a fjord in front of an oil rig

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Any day can be a good day – 230612

Mona dreaming of warmer winds, me so eager put on my wetsuit the wrong way at Brusand

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“Until next time” at spot 3rd avenue – 130612

Thanks to Andrea T. Bass for riding photos

California is over this time around, wind every day for 16 days. Spent the last hours on the water next to the airport at 3rd avenue, Tanja came out for the goodbye session!

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KB4girls-group at Dillon Beach – 090612

Kristin Boese started KB4girls to unite female kiters around the world: Thanks to her I´ve met so many tough girls pushing it around the world!

Sandy Parker packing up: for lessons in the Bay Area check out her school

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Kite Racing, spot Chrissy Fields – 070612

In San Francisco they have it all set-up for races; every Thursday in summer there are races, and this Thursday I watched with friends from the yacht club. Chrissy Field is an amazing spot with the San Francisco skyline (for freestyle tricks it´s far from ideal).

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Yey, visit from Norway! – 060612

Last week a friend of mine was in Dallas for work and after he took a week of vacation to explore the Bay Area with me. This week is a mix of kiting, guiding & sightseeing, shopping, great food!

Admiring the Bay, skyline and Chrissy Fields, the kite spot in San Francisco:

At the Norwegian Seamans Church, one of the must-visit places for Norwegians in SF:

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Road to heaven, kitespot Sherman Island – 050612

…driving Antioch Bridge, butterflies in my stomach…

Back in 2004 studying at Berkeley, this place stuck at the back of my head. Something about windmills, California sunshine and the highlight: chill people enjoying the wind. One of my favorite videos is this one (no clue who they are).

Just another day at Sherman; skateboarding “uphill” on a trainer kite

Looking small sitting at an American campsite table

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Finally back, California love – 300512

Fog City San Francisco, driving Golden Gate up to Live2Kite:

During uni I spent 1 1/2 years in Berkeley & San Francisco -if you haven´t been here, put it on your bucket list! Amazing place; the city, nature, culture, food, friendly people, wind – for kiting Bay Area is one of the best destinations I know, an array of different spots. Cool thing is; Tanja whom I met playing handball in 2003 now also is a kite-addict!
Always prepared, gear drying while in the office :)

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Such a great team – 130512

One week at Rhodes, lots of memories of fun & kite-loving people, hard to pick the highlights of the trip! Definitely one was Maciek from the Nobile-office; after a session he was so thrilled it was windy long enough he could kite too. Quite cool having the boss riding with us -the love for kiting was apparent in everyone.

As a kiter you spot leaves moving from the wind wherever you are -team rider Mike Blomvall saw opportunities for parkour everywhere around Rhodes town!

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Nobile team @ Rhodes – 100512

Finally meeting the Nobile crew & team, a week sharing the passion for kiting is inspiring. Best part; when not on the water there´s a lot of laughter, smiles and spontaneousity. Windy every day and early in season we get the water almost to ourselves:

Mike & Jose entertaining themselves at the end of the day

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Water season Kickoff competition – 050512

Super day on the beach with 60-70 kiters coming to compete or watch -Thanks for organizing to Kitebrothers & Stavanger Kiteklubb!

Mona dressed for Norwegian beach life

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Sele Beach with wave kiter Kari – 020512

There´s a kite girl much more dedicated than me here in Stavanger, Kari Schibevaag, an energetic, always smiling girl who´s also a world champion in wave kiting. Usually we prefer different spots as she hunts the big waves, but today we had a great session at Sele Beach

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Easter action – 100412

Haven´t snowkited since March 2010, it superseded my expectations, and I had trouble getting to sleep last night after first unhooked tricks on snow :)

Taking photos with a cell phone while snowkiting was a first…

Great Easter with family, friends & snow! Almost empty slopes last week skiing:

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