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“Kronikk” in Norwegian newspaper – 201012


Few days back I got a feature story published!
It´s in Norwegian around an issue I feel very strongly about; how the Norwegian system is not organized well enough to protect children exposed to domestic violence. Happy to see it being spread around the country by more than 300 people -hopefully it will be irrelevant one day.

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Beach life impatience – 190412

May sound weird to get tired of turquoise water, sun, wind, laid-back people and good food. You might start dreaming of work after a while… Back in charming Stavanger:

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Embracing change – 261011

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes (Hugh Prather)

Decided I´d visit Paris when I´m old and life is less active (“saving dreams for later”). Walking the streets of Paris last night I realized new dreams grow as you start going for them.

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Motivation in education – 14.09.11

“I believe that the worst thing you can give to a child during the education course is the feeling that what they think is fun, what they want to develop, what they are good at, is not worth anything. Because that´s probably one of the biggest resources they have”

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Remedy for a rebel – 09.08.11

My Mum had the solution to low energy level; “Maybe your body is telling you that it doesn´t like all the traveling and it´s time to settle down and have a normal life”. Subtle motives in that one. Great video of someone who found theirs:
“I never got why people seek the comfort zone. I mean, what’s so comfortable about knowing what’s going to happen everyday?”

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Vanilla Sky – 27.06.11

“What is any life if not the pursuit of a dream?” (from the movie Vanilla Sky)
Woke up to the sound of waves breaking in the morning. The hours on the road through Denmark I thought about all the great people I know on my way to KTE in Germany.

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Daily Life – 26.06.11

Visiting Stavanger last year I said: “There are beaches like this in Norway! I´m moving here!”. Lunch in-between-sessions between the sanddunes:

From another great day, at Refsnes;

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Nextopia – 23.04.11

A colleague asked if quitting my job without a new one in sight changed me. My immediate response was; “I use my eyes more”. One thing I have in store for the future though, reading the book Nextopia by Micael Dahlén

6am on Seco Island, slept out here on a sandbank on top of a reef

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“Time squeeze” / Tidsklemma – 11.04.11

It´s not something you get or have.
It´s something you create.

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Settling in – 07.04.11

Seems many have a slight obsession with settling down, as if this is some infinite point where you find peace. Choosing kind of an unpredictable lifestyle for now “who says you have to?”
New town, new job, new friends (and some good old ones!), new surroundings – New roomies Audun & Marit!

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Freely choosing – 23.02.11

“Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Stavanger 2010, found great places at the end of this rainbow

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Can´t be without – 15.02.11

In an interview with the Kiteboarder Magazine I was asked what I can´t be without. I started thinking about earthly belongings, it didn´t make sense -supportive family and great friends is what came to mind!

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Floating down the river – 21.01.11

A wise woman told me to use opportunities to see more than kitebeaches when traveling: my mother. Floating down the river on tubes through “the jungle”, super nice day leaving Boracay for a few hours.

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Older – 27.12.10

“This is on earth” the siren said, “It is the core of our being.
It holds the oceans in which we live and the mountains upon which our coffee grow.
They grow from seeds, you know, to they which take three years to mature.
Then the coffee chimes grow, ripen and are harvested for the beans inside”.
“Is this the way humans mature?” a young siren asked.
“Oh no” the siren replied “They take much longer.
A human matures when intelligence becomes wisdom”.
“And by then, they´ve grown old?” the young siren wondered.
“A curious term” the siren responded
“for it is only when they stop growing that humans become old”.

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