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Home bliss – 060813

You know you live in the right place when you see the airport bus and think “So so glad to live here”. Perfect place to combine kiting & work, after a windless summer it was divine to be back on Sola beach.

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Kiting Trondheim – 300713

Greatest benefit of being a kiter in Trondheim is you really get to know other kiters & travel together as the white caps are mostly non-existent. Not a kite destination, so what kiters back home do in summer: social barbeques :)

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Kiters of Mid-Norway – 120613

Mid-Norway is not a kite destination – a benefit of living in a windy city is kiters from home visiting! Mountain Friday before a windy weekend with Bjørn Åge, Stian & Tone

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Sunset camping – 250513

All day kiting, sunset bbq, sleeping bag under the open sky… we all have apartments in the city, but rather spend weekends outdoors. Saturday evening we spent on Bore Beach: DSC_0796

Ida & Anne Sofie finishing the evening session

Helle, Hanna & Ida with breakfast & coffee behind the dunes:

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Climbing in springtime – 100313


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Beautiful winter days – 130113

January down southwest of Norway is not like winter in the rest of Norway, biking around the islands this weekend it looked like summer:





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Back in an office – 040912

Got really excited when there was an opening at “Alternative to Violence”. During my studies I decided to work with children exposed to violence “when I´d be strong enough to take it”. With input from my boss “You´re not supposed to take it, feeling strongly about something gives you motivation and passion for what you do”.
Looking forward to learn more with these inspiring, positive people!

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Canoing on a windless day – 200812

No wind, what to do: google cano rental :)
…never mind checking the weather forecast, drinking tea underneath trees is priceless.

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Yey, visit from Norway! – 060612

Last week a friend of mine was in Dallas for work and after he took a week of vacation to explore the Bay Area with me. This week is a mix of kiting, guiding & sightseeing, shopping, great food!

Admiring the Bay, skyline and Chrissy Fields, the kite spot in San Francisco:

At the Norwegian Seamans Church, one of the must-visit places for Norwegians in SF:

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Norwegian Kiters Weekend in Denmark – 260512

70-80 Norwegian kiters gathered for a super weekend of barbequing and playing volleyball in the sun, unfortunately the wind didn´t really hit. Seems the Norwegian kite community is growing fast!

Roomies Mona & Andre + Tone, Stian & Hallgrim whom I got to know in Boracay this winter

Valuable items gets a security belt

Mona prepared us for Denmark; “Guide to understanding the Danes” & “Fun car games”

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Boracay reunion in Oslo – 290412

Several Norwegian kiters escaped winter on Boracay (Philippines), great weekend catching up -weird seeing them in jeans instead of shorts!

Seasonal migrants prefer a bit more clothes upon returning:

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Return to Norways windy city, Stavanger – 150412

Driving in Norway is scenery after scenery… after 9 months in Stavanger last year I´m moving to settle for longer, car packed down to the millimetre.

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Easter action – 100412

Haven´t snowkited since March 2010, it superseded my expectations, and I had trouble getting to sleep last night after first unhooked tricks on snow :)

Taking photos with a cell phone while snowkiting was a first…

Great Easter with family, friends & snow! Almost empty slopes last week skiing:

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Beloved Norwegians! 050212

17 Norwegians just arrived and wind came back, great days getting to know new people!

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Just an ordinary Boracay morning – 070112

As a child I never understood the concept of restitution and relaxation

wake up, open the door, make coffee, drink it while viewing the first kiters going on the water

priceless living without a watch and cell phone

filipino family transport, two friends bringing home dinner

entertaining to watch

Freestyle Kite Academy, friendliest vibes on Bulabog Beach

Mona chilling in between sessions

Happy & energetic friend Rebecka spreading positive energy!

Ali solving nr1 problem of everyday life: choosing what to eat for lunch

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Asian pancakes – 251211

Me cooking Christmas Day breakfast pancakes

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Home is where the heart is – 01.12.11

Once again packing & moving, one year in Stavanger passed so quickly!
No matter if I move or come back: feeling home happens when being with people I love.

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Gold at the end of the rainbow – 10.10.11

The rain flushed down hard for a short while today and a distinct rainbow started & ended at the kiteboard! So beautiful, never seen anything like it -there was Gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Nextopia – 23.04.11

A colleague asked if quitting my job without a new one in sight changed me. My immediate response was; “I use my eyes more”. One thing I have in store for the future though, reading the book Nextopia by Micael Dahlén

6am on Seco Island, slept out here on a sandbank on top of a reef

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Settling in – 07.04.11

Seems many have a slight obsession with settling down, as if this is some infinite point where you find peace. Choosing kind of an unpredictable lifestyle for now “who says you have to?”
New town, new job, new friends (and some good old ones!), new surroundings – New roomies Audun & Marit!

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